Our Story


Dale Begg-Smith

For over 20 years, Karbon athletes and ambassadors have been living the ethos: there are #nolimits. Our product design and innovation team embody this philosophy from concept to final collection. We create garments that combine the technical and functional sophistication of professional sports apparel with the performance and style that fits your active outdoor lifestyle.

Karbon is designed and manufactured by Schure Sports – leaders in advancing quality products for winter sports since 1982. Schure Sports is a privately held, family-owned business based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. We are proud to support our longstanding family of staff in their outdoor endeavours, no matter the weather.


Since launching the Karbon brand in 1997, Schure Sports has been pushing the potential of fabric, waterproofing, and insulation technology. We connect our understanding of winter sports apparel with real-world feedback from our world-class athletes. To recognize this level of innovation, this year we are launching an Athlete Certified program to highlight the contributions our athletes have made to the development of our collections. As proud sponsors of Australia’s winter athletes, they ensure that we stay at the forefront of technical apparel innovation while they produce some of the world’s best performances in winter sports.


We believe in designing products that perform in harmony with the body.

We use:

  • The most advanced stretch fabrics to improve range of motion
  • The best garment-specific insulations that are light but maintain maximum warmth
  • Our own specialized waterproofing called Karbonite that is both waterproof and breathable.

This attention to detail doesn't stop at a technical level. We take pride in incorporating unique design details that reflect our understanding that our consumers are not content with a generic jacket or pant. They crave something exceptional, something that pushes the boundaries of what is possible. Lead, don't follow.