Frequently Asked Questions

Discover the performance that Karbon has to offer.

At Karbon, we understand that your needs for your performance skiwear is unique to where you ski and how you like to perform. Our FAQs will help you discover the technology in our clothing that sets it apart. We have the right choice for everyone – learn about the fabrics we use, how to care for your Karbon, and more.

How does Karbon choose its fabrics?

Our design staff and research team carefully choose fabrics based on extensive criteria including, type of yarn, durability, abrasion resistance, texture, look, feel, ability to accept dye, and market trends. This extensive process gives us the confidence to know that Karbon garments will perform for you.

What is Karbonite?

Karbonite keeps you dry. It is the family of waterproofing materials which we apply to the inside surface of the fabric of our outerwear garments. Karbonite is used in 2 different forms; one as a coating, and secondly as a laminate in our 3 layer and stretch waterproof garments. Karbonite is available with different waterproof ratings so you can choose just the right one to help you perform.

How can you have a waterproof yet breathable coating?

The theory behind waterproof-breathable fabrics is to emulate your skin: the ultimate in waterproof-breathable membranes. The coatings on these fabrics have microscopic holes that are large enough to allow perspiration vapor to escape, but small enough so that water from the outside environment can't penetrate the coating.

What is K-wick?

K-wick ensures your best performance by keeping you comfortable and dry. It is a family of fabrics that help keep you dry by transferring moisture away from your body to create a more comfortable environment for you. We use in Karbon's coordinates, the layer that lies closest to your skin.

Does Karbon sell snowboard jackets?

All Karbon jackets can be worn for snowboarding. If you are looking for a more relaxed, less structured look, choose from Karbons Helix or Isotope collections.

Where can I buy Karbon?

Karbon is sold globally through specialty retail outlets. Search our Store Locater to locate the retailer nearest you. You'll also find an option to search for a specific item when you're viewing one of our products on this website, click on the red button that says Find a Retailer that Carries this Item Near You.

How do I wash my Karbon garment?

To ensure your garment performs at its best, please visit our Garment Care page.

In what sizes are your jackets and other garments available?

Karbon garment sizes are listed in our Official Size Chart, which can be downloaded in Acrobat PDF format.

What is the warranty for Karbon heated gloves and heated socks?

Thank you for your interested in our heat enabled products, gloves and socks. These products are available through our licensee, Group BBH. For more information (including battery issues), please contact Thank you again for your interest. See you out there!