Athlete Certified

Athlete Certified IconFor over 20 years, we’ve been devoted to creating technical sports apparel that equips the world’s best athletes. It’s been a labour of love that we’ve embraced as we look for new and innovative ways to improve our collections. This year we are launching our Athlete Certified program. It is in recognition of the role that athletes have played in the design and improvement of our garments. To recognize this contribution we are introducing a custom icon that highlights the garments that are worn on a regular basis by our sponsored athletes. This icon symbolizes the improvements offered by our athletes and also their love for their Karbon gear. 

We believe that there is no one better than these world-class athletes, competing at the highest levels, to help improve our designs. As the evolution of sport continues, we’ll be there to support our athletes with garments that move with them, keep them warm and dry, and protect them from all the weather conditions they encounter. 

Our athletes are the lifeblood of Karbon. The celebration of sport is our ethos. Join us in acknowledging and celebrating our athletes.

Athlete Certified. There are no limits. 

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